The Children's Meetinghouse (TCM) of Concord, Massachusetts is an Infant/Toddler program and Preschool that has been providing enriching experiences to young children since 1983.

All full-time teachers have a degree in early-childhood education and have substantial experience in early childhood education and child development. Professional staff participate regularly in weekly meetings, seminars, workshops and advanced study.

At TCM, we value emergent curriculum. Teachers watch and listen to the children, drawing out their interests, which can range from social or emotional issues (e.g. fears and worrying) to more concrete, content-oriented topics (e.g. dinosaurs, architecture, fairies). The teachers then meet regularly for team planning time to share their perceptions, plan units and develop lesson plans. Teachers also have weekly planning time when they work individually to compile students' portfolios, write reports and research topics generated by the students. Emergent curriculum allows teachers and children to become partners in the learning process.